Maps and sea maps

Maps and sea maps

Maps and sea maps

Here we show you original copperplates, original steel engraving and original colour lithographies from from the 16th to the 19th century, on it wait from you for sale to be acquired. With professional questions you call us with pleasure or you use please the contact form from this shop. – !Request you go in the respective article up to the Detail view, for the whole representation of the copies.!

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Product no.: Lan1
Original Copperprint
of A. Ortelius, about 1600
800.00 *
Product no.: Lan2
Schleswig-Holstein - Holsatiae Descriptio
Original Copperprint of
Marco Jordano - A. Ortelius, about 1600
850.00 *
Product no.: Lan5
Original Copperprint of
F. de Wit, approx. 1690
500.00 *
Product no.: Lan6

Pomerania - description of land
Original woodcut,
by Sebastian Münster,
approx: 1560
Sheet size: 30 x 42 cm
The bottom of the page restored

650.00 *

In stock

Product no.: Lan13
Original Copperprint
drawn and engraved
of J.Rapkin.
Published of John Tallesc &
Company, London & New York.
approx. 1855
200.00 *
Product no.: Lan15
Brandenburg / Uckermarck
Original Copperprint of
Blauew 1662
600.00 *
Product no.: Lan18
Rusland / Tartaria
Original Copperprint of
Blaeuw 1635
600.00 *
Product no.: Lan21
Rusland / Kaspisches -
Meer - Perovinciaron Persicaron
Original Copperprint of
J.B. Homann, Nürnberg 1720
Fold restored
375.00 *
Product no.: Lan23
Original Woodcut of
Sebastian Münster
first published in the Cosmographia,
Basel 1544.
850.00 *
Product no.: Lan26
Japan - Japon
Original colour Lithography of
Lorsignol about 1870
350.00 *
Product no.: Lan27
Original Copperprint of
N. Bellin 1748
Old folded
450.00 *
Product no.: Lan28
Ost - Indische Inseln (Indonesien)
Original Copperprint
drawn and engraved of
New General Atlas, 1814
550.00 *
Product no.: See2
Seekarte - Ostsee
Custen van Mekeleborch Pomeren....
Femeren en Bornholm....
Original Copperprint of
Blaeuw from: " Tweede Boeck Van ' T Licht der Zee-vaert....
Amsterdam, Willem Ianszoon.... In the year of 1608.
1,450.00 *
Product no.: See4
Dänemark / Jütland
Original Copperprint of
Jan van Doetichum after
Lucas Janz. Waghenaer.
Leiden (1585)
3,000.00 *
Product no.: See5
Die See Custen von Nordweghen
Original Copperprint of
Jan van Doetichum after
Lucas Jansz. Waghenaer.
Leiden (1585)
2,500.00 *
Product no.: See6
Mittelmeer - Sicilia,
Sardinia, Corsica, Malta
Original Copperprint of
Homann Erben, Nürnberg 1762.
1,150.00 *
Product no.: See7
Rusland / Kaspisches - Meer / Seekarte
Carte Marine De La Mer Caspiene
Original Copperprint of
G. Delisle Paris approx. 1720
Carte manifold folded,
Fold bronzy stained
395.00 *
Product no.: Lan22
Livonia - Livland
Vulgo Lyefland
Original Copperprint of
Blaeuw 1630
650.00 *
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Original copperplates of different artists. A nice one plays cards from N. I. Piscatore from 1633, the other Brandenburg map of Sanson / Jaillot from Paris, provides in 1692. And an original copperplate of Ortelius from 1588.


Here we have for you original copperplates from the 17 th and 18 th century. See please on the following side.


Original copperplates of East Friesland from the 16th century. Click please for further information on "Display".
Pommern / Rügen

Pommern / Rügen

Original copperplates provides from 2 different artists of Pomerania / Rugen from the years 1620 and 1815. Click please on "Display" for further information and the full views of the copies.


Here we show you 2 Pomeranian's maps, a sea map and a map. The sea map as an original copperplate provides in 1585 and the map, also as an original copperplate, provides in 1720 in Nuremberg.
Russland Karte

Russland Karte

2 nice Russia maps in each case as an original copperplate. Once from approx. 1650 of M. Merian and once an original copperplate of Russia map, Rusia Vulgo Moscovia, from de Wit approx. in 1680.
Russland / Krim

Russland / Krim

2 originals copperplates once from Amsterdam from 1787 and an original copperplate of G. Mercator about 1600. For other views of the works you click please in the articles further.